Never in our lives did we think that we would bury one of our children. But nine days before her 11th birthday we were doing just that with our own Magdalene Thérèse.

The foundations of our reality, our narrative and our faith – of our lives – cracked, and to some degree, crumbled. In the midst of such devastating and ongoing suffering, we have found that the only thing that has remained standing is the Church’s witness to the Empty Tomb – Maggie’s witness to the Empty Tomb – and how to process to it.

As our family carries this cross, although at times it very much feels like we’re hanging on the cross, Maggie has been teaching us anew that carrying the cross is not just a matter of shouldering it but of holding it up high as a trophy and proclamation that God in Jesus has obtained victory over the fallenness of life and creation and has set us free to live and die in faith, hope, love, joy and peace.

As we are being recreated in ourselves, our marriage and our family through Maggie’s witness, our suffering has conceived a passion to be instruments of Maggie’s work, her mission, for others.

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