What is it Like on the “Edge” of Heaven and Earth?

From the time Maggie died, I heard quite often that the second year of grief is much worse than the first. I heard that the full reality of my daughter’s death would suddenly hit me and I would be in a worse place then I was in that first year. This was really hard for me to hear because I was suffering so deeply and so intensely. I did not want to imagine things going

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Death is a Path We All Must Travel

It seems so strange to write about death with Christmas only three days away. After all, isn’t Christmas about the life and birth of a newborn King? Isn’t Christmas about a young woman who said, “Yes” to bringing this Little One into the world? How can a person write about death during, what is considered to be by many, the most joyful holiday season of the year? Yesterday, I went shopping with my husband. It

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Days 1-4 of the 2019 Grief Symposium

Get access HERE>>> http://bit.ly/virtualgriefsymposium The 2019 Grief Symposium has launched! Over the next 4 days you will have FREE access to multiple speakers. Whether your close person has died or you know someone whose close person has died this forum will be very beneficial for you. Please join us as we work through the tough questions of grief. We discuss faith, hope, healing, and so much more. If you love what you hear then be

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When God Doesn’t Wipe Away the Tears

Almost 17 months. Just over 73 weeks. 512 days. 12,288 hours. This is how long it has been since I last saw my daughter alive. And she was only barely alive. Machines breathed for her. She never woke up for one last hug. The last kiss was known only to those of us in the room. The final embrace was as her body gasped for air. I would have traded places with her in those

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