Let’s Talk About Overwhelm

Let’s talk about overwhelm. I cannot speak to what men experience but I can speak to what so many women experience. We are consistently exhausted and overwhelmed by the many demands life places on us. When grief is added into this mix all of these thoughts swirling around in our heads are suddenly exacerbated one hundredfold. How do I get the laundry folded when I can’t stop crying? How do I show my children peace

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And We Wept That One So Lovely Should Live a Life So Brief

This is something I wrote last year on this day. It still holds true. At this time 8 months ago today I was washing my daughters body and preparing her for her siblings to say goodbye. Today, we celebrate the 3 Kings who came to see Baby Jesus. Most of us know the story. Ancient wise men who had read in their books that a mighty King was to be born under this night sky.

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Publishing My Journal

Did you know that we are currently working on publishing my private journal and Facebook entries? After several different friends reached out to me and asked if I could combine all of my social media posts into a book I decided that I would also publish much of my journal. These entries consist of the entire year after Maggie died. We are in the editing stage so have quite a way to go but we

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Child Loss and the New Year

For all my loss mamas out there. I know. I know how hard today is. For some of us, it’s harder than Christmas. Suddenly, you are forced into a new year where no new memories will be made. The memories of your child grow further and further behind you. Suddenly, you aren’t able to say, “My child died this year” or “my child died last year.” What in the world do I tell people now?

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